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Preparing for your Plan Review

Going into a plan review can be a little bit scary sometimes. The plan review meeting is very important because it can decide what supports you have for the next year or even two or three years! There is always the option to apply for a 'Change of Circumstances' review, however, you are best off getting it right when the plan is built - it can save a lot of headaches and paperwork down the track.

Before the plan review, it is important that you, your plan nominee and your Support Coordinator sit down and talk about what you exactly want from your next plan. Talk about what NDIS goals you are going to keep and what you are going to change. Every support you want should fit under at least one NDIS goal. When you figure out your goals and what you want from your next plan, your Support Coordinator can share this information with your therapists who can also mention it in their reports - which are very important!

It is important to get the timing right - all of your documents should be submitted through to the NDIA and the LAC (if you have one) three months before when possible. This is because the NDIA might decide to do the plan review a bit earlier than you thought. For an unscheduled plan review, try and have all the documents together at the time you submit the plan review.

Once your therapists have completed their reports, it is a good idea for your Support Coordinator to go through the reports and make sure that what they say is right. Remember that the reports paint a picture for the LAC or the planner about what is happening for you and what is needed in the future. All reports together paint the whole story which should all be related to your NDIS goals. Finally, your Support Coordinator's report should provide an overview of all of your supports, neatly tying everything together. Alongside the reports - any quotes and estimates should also be added. Where possible, have a schedule or a roster of support worker hours and make sure they are costed using the NDIS price guide.

By having all of this information ready, you make your LAC/NDIA planner's life a little bit easier which, in my experience, helps build the plan faster and more accurately.

Also remember that you wont be able to prepare well for a plan review all of the time because.. well .. life happens! Having the right support coordinator can make a world of different to your NDIS experience.

If you are preparing for a plan review and would like some advice from one of our Support Coordinators, contact us today on 1300 452 116.

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